5001 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419 


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It ain’t easy being a small business owner.

I’ve never liked posting target dates, in the restaurant world it’s a sure sign that what you want to happen, won’t.

We will open in the near future, but let’s just leave it at that.



The donation link is off line as we work on our online menu.

However our GoFundMe is still live.  Y’all have been very generous and we all thank you!  We’ve done a lot…  We have our sink in place (the biggest hurdle with the city) and we have the ovens going (Easily the most expensive part).  Sheila is perfecting her recipes and we are planning for more menu items!  Being a very small Small Business, we get overlooked pretty easily by bankers, and the like, so we are so grateful for your support! 💖

Mural by Broken Crow