5001 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419 


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It ain’t easy.

This has been an experience, one that will hopefully push us into a whole new world!


We’ve done quite a bit, and we’re confident we’ll still be your favorite neighborhood coffeeshop!!

~ Fresh Juices

     •HOT Sandiwiches
     •Hot Ham & Cheese Croissants!
     •Breakfast Sandwiches!!


~ Fruit Stand! With local Honey & Maple Syrup!

All sorts of COVID precautions, and cleanliness is only second to….

Sidewalk Patio!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our gofundme!!!!!
It is only because of you that we could move forward with more offerings, and we are grateful!
Let’s spare you with the details but a bunch of permitting, plumbers, electricians and lots and lots of boxes delivered, and we are set to bake on site, bottle beverages, make fresh juices, all to serve the neighborhood better!

Sheila & I truly miss everyone!  
It’s been a nice respite, a crazy time, and everything is uncertain.  We all have friends in the restaurant industry that have been forced to close for good, or pushing forward in this uncertainty, we figured the best path was to lay low and let things pass.  Here we are 6 months later, and the world is not a more certain place, but we have to persist.  Not to get into politics or current events, all we can do is be positive, move forward and stand up for what is right….

We will be happy to see you and welcome you back on Saturday 26th!!!!!! 




Mural by Broken Crow